Drum washing machine is still wave wheel washing machine good


Washing machine is a good helper for us to wash clothes. It plays a very important role in our life. The type of washing machine on the market has a lot of now, the meeting that does not understand to washing machine knowledge is in kink to buy drum washing machine still is wave wheel washing machine good? So what distinction do cylinder washing machine and wave wheel washing machine have? Should washing machine choose roller or wave wheel? The following X group small make up for you to introduce the drum washing machine or wave washing machine.

A, cylinder washing machine is still wave wheel washing machine is good -- from catharsis time point of view

Washing time of drum washing machine: 1-2 hours.

Washing time of wave wheel washing machine: about 40 minutes.

If the requirement of short washing time, it is recommended to choose the brand of wave washing machine. And after the start of the wave wheel can still add clothes without any difficulty. Now some cylinder washing machine also has the function that adds clothes midway, but still not very common.

Two, cylinder washing machine is still wave wheel washing machine is good -- look from the respect that saves water to save electricity

The wave washing machine consumes water and the drum washing machine consumes electricity

The washing power of the drum washing machine is generally about 200 watts, if the water temperature is increased to 60 degrees Celsius, generally wash clothes to l00 minutes or more, power consumption is about 1.5 degrees.

The power of the wave wheel washing machine is generally around 400 watts, and washing clothes only takes 40 minutes at most, less than 0.5 degree of electricity. In terms of water consumption, the drum washing machine is about 40% ~ 50% of the wave washing machine.

Three, cylinder washing machine is still wave wheel washing machine is good -- look from washing clothes principle

Platen washing machine is to simulate the principle of the hand rub, as it was in use wooden stick beat clothes in order to achieve the purpose of washing clothes, with a roller rotation rub, rub, pat, clothes and will not have a strong rotation pulling tangled phenomenon, can also according to some of its internal equipment, with an enormous centrifugal machine control plus plus work together to clean laundry detergent and water, very smart very convenient, but also can one pace reachs the designated position, XiJingDu uniform, low wear rate, clothes not easily, does not hurt the clothes.

The bottom of the washing machine has a disc wave wheel with protruding ribs. Driven by the wave wheel, the water in the barrel forms an eddy, sometimes right-handed, sometimes left-handed. The clothes roll with the water to remove the stains. Therefore, the working principle of the wave wheel washing machine is to rely on the high speed operation of the wave wheel generated by the eddy current impact clothes, with detergent deconvolution, so as to make clothes washing more clean.

Conclusion: Drum washing machine or wave washing machine? Actually platen washing machine and washing machine of wave wheel have respective advantage and disadvantage, owner still should choose according to oneself wash clothes habit and be fond of when choosing, buy the washing machine brand that suits him thereby.

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