Washing machines to save electricity what methods


In daily life, to use a lot of electrical appliances, electrical appliances used more, more electricity, followed by the electricity bill also went up. How to save electricity has become a concern, not only to save a little bit of electricity, but also to save energy, love our earth. And washing machine as we wash clothes often need to be used as a good helper, that does the washing machine have any energy-saving tips? What are the techniques for washing machines to save electricity? The following is X group small make up for you to introduce the washing machine energy saving methods.

1.The washing time should be determined according to the amount of clothing and the degree of dirt: general synthetic fiber and wool, wash 2-4 minutes; Cotton and linen fabrics, wash 5-8 minutes; Wash very dirty clothes for 10-12 minutes. The rinse time after washing is about 3-4 minutes. Correspondingly, shorter laundry time will not only save electricity, but also prolong the service life of the washing machine and clothes.

2.Choose the function switch of washing machine reasonably. Washing machine has strong, medium, weak 3 kinds catharsis function, its consumption power also is different. General silk, wool and other high-grade clothing materials, only suitable for weak washing; Cotton, blend, chemical fiber, polyester and other clothing materials, often used in the wash; Only fabrics such as heavy nap blanket, sand release and canvas are used for strong washing. After washing the first time, had better wring it out, squeeze out the dirty water, so can shorten the rinse time, save electricity.

3.When catharsis had better use the method of centralized catharsis, wash a bucket of cleaner continuously namely a few clothings, wash powder can add appropriately, after washing completely, rinse one by one again, can save electricity so, still can save the washing time of washing machine.

4.After the washing machine is used for a period of time, the belt wave wheel that drives the washing machine will often slip. When the belt slips, the power consumption of the washing machine will not decrease. But the effect of washing is worse. If you tighten the belt of the washing machine, it will restore its original effect, thus achieving the purpose of saving electricity.

5.The use of low foam washing powder can save electricity, the number of washing powder foam and washing capacity between no necessary relationship. High quality low foam washing powder has a very high decontamination ability, and it is very easy to rinse, generally less than high foam washing powder 1 to 2 times of rinse time.

6.In soak, wash, rinse, want to separate light color clothing and dark color clothing, according to the order from light to deep. Such can avoid brunet clothings to dye flower light color clothings not only, still can choose catharsis time according to smudgy degree, be helpful for saving electricity.

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