Millions and millions of bacteria are threatening you! How can household washing machine eliminate bacterium at home? These 3 ways are simple and easy to use


In winter, the cold weather does not want to wash clothes by hand, then the role of the washing machine will be reflected. However long - term use washing machine, its inner cylinder must also have a lot of invisible dirty things. So, how do you wash your washing machine effectively? Today, we share three practical washing machine methods for you, have a need of friends may wish to refer to.

Usually, the washing machine washes our clothes for us. But every time after washing the clothes, the inner cylinder of the washing machine will remain some dirty water stains, these substances accumulated for a long time, did not get timely cleaning, will cause pollution to the inner cylinder of the washing machine. This will also indirectly affect the cleaning rate of the washing machine. Users will put dirty clothes in the washing machine for cleaning, but the clothes will become dirtier and dirtier, and the pollutants you can't see may get mixed into your clothes. Therefore, the author suggests that household washing machines should be cleaned every three months on average, which can not only prolong the life of the washing machine, but also better protect the clothes.

In addition to calling for the washing machine after-sales staff to come to wash clothes, we can also do the washing work for the washing machine by ourselves at ordinary times. The following method can be used to clean the washing machine.

1. white vinegar

When washing a washing machine, use vinegar must use white vinegar, otherwise it will aggravate the dirt of the washing machine. Pour a little white vinegar into the washing machine, then add a lot of hot water infiltration and interval after a period of time, and then start the washing machine, to the normal work mode, wait for after the completion of the drainage, had better use warm water to clean it again, so more assured, wash finished, remember to dry towel dip in proper amount of white vinegar for wiping the washing machine body, wipe the number of times to relatively frequent, as a result, it is very difficult for the washing machine can clean.

2. Baking soda

Although baking soda is a kind of chemistry, but also depends on its role when clean washing machine, combine it with some white vinegar, in particular, the effect is more significant, the specific practices are as follows: first, in the washing machine into a certain amount of hot water and then baking soda and white vinegar in proportion to pour, after a period of time, after soaked with a dry towel to wipe the surface again, and then wash with warm water, can effectively achieve the effect of sterilization.

3. salt

Will right amount salt plus washing powder, also can effectively remove bacteria, after washing the clothes, wash clothes of water, it does not need to be out in time, add some salt and leave for a period of time, enter the normal working state, the final rinse, can effectively remove the fuselage of the material, clean washing machine.

Generally speaking, washing the washing machine on a regular basis can keep the washing machine clean, effectively reduce the breeding of bacteria, curb the secondary pollution of clothes, avoid the incidence of skin diseases and gynecological diseases, and also increase the service life of the washing machine. For the health of our family, we must clean our own washing machine regularly. Users with conditions can choose the washing machine with self-cleaning function when they choose washing machine. The washing machine with self-cleaning function can achieve the purpose of cleaning the inner cylinder by putting the special "inner tank cleaner" into the inner cylinder of the washing machine.

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