Health needs upgrade, washing machine enterprise breakthrough point is classified wash care?


The COVID-19 epidemic in early 2020 has shaken the development of all industries, as well as the washing machine market, which is gradually entering the stock era. In the first three quarters of the year, washing machine sales fell 8.2% and 12.7%, respectively, according to Data from Ove Cloud.

When the market demand is not flourishing after the formation of normal, the current washing machine market in Our country has been from the large-scale popularization incremental market to the stock market mainly to update the demand. Therefore, research and development of good products based on user demand will become the breakthrough point to open the stock market.

In recent years, consumer demand has been focusing on high-end, differentiated and high-quality products. Under the epidemic, online searches for keywords such as small, mini, zone, baby and health have been on the rise. In this context, the epidemic has also promoted the pace of health upgrading and cleaning and care upgrading in the washing machine market. For today's consumers, washing machines need to be not only clean but also healthy. Among them, the classification of washing and protection is rising.

How does the washing machine meet the needs of laundry classification? To put it simply, there are two ways: the first way is to purchase the "second washing machine" at home on the basis of the original, and the second way is to create an exclusive space by carrying two washing carriers on one washing machine.

About 30 percent of consumers want to buy a second washing machine to separate their clothes, according to A survey by

At the China 2020 Washing Machine and Dryer Industry Summit, mother and child blogger Slina said that her family should pay special attention to washing clothes separately from those worn outside, inside, children's and adults' clothes. Because children resistance is weak, clothing, towels are more attention to sterilization.

In recent years, some enterprises have also begun to put more efforts in small and beautiful mini washing machines and wall-mounted washing machines. For example, The mini Little Angel series automatic washing machines, with a capacity of 3kg, are equipped with high-temperature sterilizing washing function, so that the health of babies can be guaranteed from clothes. For example, In recent years, Konka launched a number of products for washing shoes, washing underwear, mothers and children, and other categories. According to relevant officials, with the change of consumers' laundry concept, users who have to choose hand washing to avoid cross-infection of clothes have realized that the problem can be solved with one washing machine or more washing machines.

It is expected that in the future, small capacity laundry products are expected to be further developed. According to Data from Ovie, online sales of mini washing machines (products with a capacity of less than 4KG) accounted for 4.3% of online sales in the first three quarters of this year, while offline sales reached 1.0%. At the same time, the pace of new business accelerated, compared with last year nearly 20 new products.

In addition, the double entry structure washing machine that USES next division is in Chinese washing machine market also gradually popular rise.

At present, the double entry washing machine of many brands comes out one after another. For example, the mother-child space capsule introduced by COLMO is the fourth-generation cold-extracted silver sterilizing technology from the concept of space science and technology sterilization and aseptic chamber technology. At the same time, combining with AI technology, AI can release more accurate silver ion concentration according to water quality and pollution degree. More stable long - term and slow - release ability of cold paniculus silver crystal, achieving more efficient bactericidal and bactericidal protection effect, the sterilization rate is up to 99.9%. Coincidentally, TCL also launched P10 double classification washing machine this year. The upper and lower double tubes are equipped with thermal sterilization function. The special sterilization washing program is 95°C boiling and washing, which can penetrate into the fabric of clothing at high temperature and effectively sterilize clothing. The deep cleaning can reduce the attachment of germs and bring exclusive care to clothing.

It is predicted that in the current retail market, the demand for replacement models accounts for about 80-85% of the proportion, and the demand for washing machines has been extended to a number of directions. Faced with the differentiation of demand, some functions conforming to the trend of The Times have emerged. Fashionshoe expert Du Yang said that the biggest function of shoes is to wear, now, the material and shape of sneakers are increasing, a pair of shoes can be pieced together 2, 3 or even more kinds of material above, to care brought a very big problem. In addition, white shoes are particularly prone to yellowing. If they are dipped in water and dried in the sun, they will turn yellow in a day.

According to Gou Yonggang, general manager of Haier's washing and care industry in China, haier's ink cartridge washing machine is equipped with a shoe washing machine, equipped with a 360-degree sprinkler head, which washes the shoes in an all-round and powerful way. At the same time, it has the function of heating, which can penetrate the washing block into the fiber of shoes through heating, and penetrate into shoes through heating and oxidation, so that the washing is cleaner and will not yellower. If you buy a shoe washer on its own, for the sake of space in your home, this one matches the Casadee's one-for-one roller washer, which can be installed under all the roller washers.

Based on user change new demand, the consideration of bedroom area, double entry washer is in the ascendant. In the first nine months of this year, retail sales of regional products doubled compared with the same period last year, while online retail sales grew 11.4% year on year, according to Ove Cloud. Zhao Meimei, general manager of The White power division of Aowei Cloud Network, said that the growth rate of offline zone washing is far ahead of the industry, and the investment of enterprises is also very obvious. There are about 39 zone washing models on the market.

With the upsurge of health upgrading and consumption upgrading, good products that solve users' pain points will certainly seek new growth space for the market. As Jiang Feng, President of China Home Appliance Association, said in the recent 2020 China Washing Machine & Dryer Industry Summit Forum, although the growth rate of the washing machine industry is slowing down, China's super-large market advantage and domestic demand potential are important supports for the stable development of the washing machine industry.

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